Join the Brooklyn Desks Coworking Revolution

We are living in the hustle economy. Every day, more and more people are committing to living free from the nine-to-five. Office shares and coworking spaces give you the freedom to work like a professional on your schedule and budget in this brave new world.

Brooklyn Desks is an independently-owned office share and coworking hub just outside the Jefferson L stop in Bushwick, New York. Our 9,000 square-foot space offers both communal work areas and private offices, and is decked out with everything you need to make your business work. We put down roots in this town because it's full of independent creatives and professionals of all stripes. 

We're here to help you navigate the hustle on your own terms.



Do yourself a favor: Stop holding client meetings at coffee shops. Brooklyn Desks offers monthly single-desk rentals, communal workspace, and day-rates for conference rooms, so you can work like a professional on any budget or schedule. 



You've got the next big idea, and Brooklyn Desks can help you bring it to life. Don't get burned by a high burn-rate. We offer packages that can fit your budget and grow with your needs. Plus, a foosball table. Every startup needs foos.


Small Businesses

Don't let overhead give you a headache. Brooklyn Desks offers you more flexibility than traditional leases, with office space for teams of up to 15. You worry about your business. Let us worry about the VOIP phones, wi-fi, and mailing address.

Event Planners

Looking for a place to book your next event? Brooklyn Desks offers rental of our 10,000 square foot roof for large mixers, our outdoor deck space for networking events & cocktail parties, and our communal workspace for speakers.


Your roommate parties until 3am and never cleans. Oh, and he forgot to pay the Internet bill. All you want is to pass your midterm. Brooklyn Desks offers a quiet space to work and study that doesn't smell like beer and cigarettes.


Business Travelers

Pro tip: It's easier to NY when you don't feel like a tourist. Brooklyn Desks offers business travelers one to five day rentals on individual desk offices and communal workspace, so you can get down to work, and get down with the locals.

Brooklyn Desks

Do Work.