• Unlimited: At only $250/month, you get unlimited, 24/7 use of our open work space. You may not have a dedicated desk, but you can use everything our open space has to offer - including access to our cafe and lounge right across from you.
  • Limited: For only $179/month, you get slightly less while still getting everything at the same time. You can use our open space (and the cafe and lounge) Monday through Friday from 5am to 10pm. And yes, you still get the free coffee.

shared-office and private-desk spaces

  • Shared Office with a Private Desk: At $325/month, you can get yourself started in a room with up to five other creates just like yourself! Even though you’re sharing the space, you still get your own desk and your own chair. Of course.

  • One Desk Office: $425/month. Private office. Three walls. Sliding glass door. Comfy chair. Huge desk. Flying solo? This is the space for you.

  • Two Desk Office: $650/month. Same deal as above, but we recommend this one for duos.

  • Three Desk Office: $1000/month. Tons of private space. Three desks. Three chairs.

  • If you’re curious about office spaces with four or more desks, please contact us directly!

spaces for events

  • Interested in holding an event at our space? Our outdoor deck is perfect for hosting Happy Hours, brunches, interviews, photo shoots, you name it!
  • Our rooftop is useful for photoshoots, videoshoots, interviews, and much more!
  • The game room is perfect for small events, classes, and lectures.

No membership fee to book conference rooms, but we do require a $40 deposit.

To secure monthly space or to inquire about spaces for events, email: | (718) 366-3865