The Great Struggle: Balancing Personal With Professional

Anyone who works hard knows how difficult it is to balance personal life and work life. The old 9-5 rule is practically gone these days. It's not rare to find someone answering their work emails during movie time with the kids, and even stay-at-home parents - who literally have to live at their workplace - need some time to truly detach and relax. But what happens when workaholics finally have some free time on their hands? More often than not, they melt into the couch until it's time for another day at the office. And sometimes, couch time is needed; but at other times, it's just a wasted opportunity to make real use of our personal time. This personal neglect could lead to dips in relationships with friends, family, and even significant others. 

Being able to better manage your schedule - whether it's your work or personal - is key to succeeding in life and happiness. Take a look at the following articles for some guidance to get you on the right track. 

How To Be Productive And Still Have A Fun Weekend
Some great tips on how to make the most of your time off. As Professor Stew Friedman would say, go for the "four-way win". 

Forgo The To-Do List: Be More Productive With A Backward Schedule
Professor Cal Newport is a professor, father, author, blogger, and publisher. And he does NOT work past 5:30pm, nor does he work weekends. Listen up as the professor teaches you a thing or two about the pitfalls of to-do lists! 

We hope you can use this advice to better plan the rest of your week - and weekend. What other time management tips would you recommend for optimizing time off?