Tinder for Professionals: A New Way to Network?


Welcome to the Digital Age. A time when people can become friends and lovers with the click of a button. But what about professional networking? Where does this traditionally conservative field fit into our digitally social world? True, websites like LinkedIn have always been a great way to connect coworkers, employers, and potential hires. But research shows that people are increasingly on the go, and sometimes, carrying even a MacBook Air is considered "too bulky". Cue smart phones and mobile apps.

As companies scramble for mobile app developers to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape, one startup has taken the lead by applying the model of mobile dating to professional networking. Coffee, a mobile app that launched earlier this year, uses Tinder's swiping system for young professionals to connect. If users like what they see on a member's profile, they can swipe right, and if both parties are interested, they can chat and maybe even meet up for a cup of coffee. 

We applaud Coffee's innovative idea of using successful dating apps to help young people with their careers. It's efficient, it's useful, and it just makes sense. As new ways to connect emerge, why should professional networking be left behind? Just because millenials are not yet the professional veterans of their fields does not mean that the professional world should be restricted to its outdated, traditional forms of connecting. 

Now, don't get us wrong. Traditional, in-person networking will always have its place, but the ability to connect virtually should have some room to grow, too. After all, this is the Digital Age. 

What do you think about professional relationships following in the steps of mobile dating apps?

More info on Coffee and its founders can be found here in the original article by WeWork.